Concrete Fence Posts, Rural

Why use our rural concrete posts?


Our efficient manufacturing process allows us to keep costs down. Posts are made in large quantities at a time. As the posts are able to be easily packaged and tightly stacked they can be freighted at a reasonable cost.

Six hole posts have in-built insulators there is no need purchase insulators when electric wire or tapes are used.


Our concrete posts are strong, they contain prestressed high tensile wires and made with 50MPa concrete. You may bend them but they are unlikely to break unless excessive force used.

Only high quality concrete is used, smooth finish will no powdering.

Our posts won’t rust, rot, warp, be eat by termites, burn, or be chewed on by stock such as horses. They are no toxic and can be recycled.

Rural fencing bracing kits are also available and are fully galvanised after fabrication for a long life.

Easy of Installation:

Posts are 1950mm long and weigh approximately 32kg each so they can be easily handed. Note that corner post are around 80kg each and will require some type of mechanical aid to assist with handling.

Posts can be either buried or directly driven using post rammer. A 75mm plot hole is recommended in hard ground.

Wire inserts have a tapered shape for easier wire pulling.

Bracing kits come complete with a rail, diagonal rod, brackets, nuts and washers. These are recommended for use with our fencing system and are also suitable for other types or rural fencing such as treated pine.

Post Driving Caps used for installation of gate, strainer and intermediate posts are available from us. They are welded steel construction with a rubber insert to prevent damage to posts during driving or ramming. These can be returned after use for full refund within 4 weeks of purchase.

Our gate posts and strainer posts are octagonal whereas most concrete posts are square. This octagonal shape makes it much easier to wrap wire around the posts. This shape also reduces to overall weight of the post. Our gate and strainer posts are a made with driving points which makes installation much easier. We understand that sometimes gate and strainer posts are used as corner posts, this is why our posts have holes cast in both directions to accommodate this.

Our bracing system is easy to install, all that is needed is an adjustable wrench. No measuring, cutting or drilling required.


Our fencing system allows for easy maintenance. Wires can be re-tensioned using the 6 hole posts without having to remove staples from the posts. Wires are able slide through the inserts without damaging the wire.

Should gate post bracing ever need to be adjusted this can be easily achieved by adjusting the length of the bracing rods.



Concrete strainer posts
Concrete strainer posts
6 hole concrete post
6 hole concrete post
Post Driving Cap, 150 x 150
Post Driving Cap, 150 x 150
13 hole concrete post
13 hole concrete post
6 hole post insert
6 hole post insert
Concrete Fence Bracing
Concrete Fencing Bracing Set

Fencing components:

  • Gate Posts, 2300mm long including 200mm long pointed end.
  • Strainer Posts, 2300mm long including 200mm long pointed end.
  • 13 hole posts, 1950mm long
  • 6 hole posts, 1950mm long
  • Post Driving Caps, 130mm x 65mm
  • Post Driving Caps, 150mm x 150mm
  • Galvanized Bracing Kits